Concrete foundation repair


While the pictures on this page illustrate some of our more dramatic foundation repair jobs, some of the most essential foundation repair work we do is preventative.

As the soil compaction under your home changes over time with water drainage, settling and seasonal temperature changes, surrounding concrete slabs can shift and tilt until they actually drain water into your foundation, not just destabilizing the ground but weakening the concrete material itself.

If you already have a significant foundation repair problem, not only can we lift your slab from underneath, but we can eliminate you bowing walls with our patented core strengthening system!

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Wall system benefits:
  • Simplify selling with no evidence of repair
  • 10x the original strength
  • Competitive pricing
  • Transferable life of the structure warranty
  • Repair in place or return to original position

Add decades to the life of your structure by leveling concrete as problems become evident and before your concrete needs replaced!