Concrete driveways & sidewalks

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We tend not to think about it, but any concrete slab can have foundation problems, and smaller slabs like driveways & sidewalks can actually shift faster than foundations.

Concrete driveways & sidewalks create a lot of surface water that is usually left to drain “naturally”, but without benefit of the specialize gutter and drains systems that move water quickly away from the foundation of your home.

In most cases, this runoff is really just saturating the base under your concrete, compacting that soil more rapidly than normal & leading to void formation. This is all happening beneath your concrete drive or walk with nothing visible to the eye except for initial settling and tilting of the slab.

If left uncorrected, the real concern over time becomes “What’s really holding my concrete slabs up anyway? And how much longer until they crack?”

If caught in time, A1 Concrete Leveling can correct most driveway & sidewalk issues in one visit, with minimal disruption to your home or business at a savings of 50%-70% of hard concrete replacement costs, with none of the usual hassle with onsite construction.