Our Mission

We provide the most cost effective solutions for property managers, facility managers, municipalities and property owners facing the challenges of major structural repairs and infrastructure investment.

By creating a work environment based on learning and constant improvement through innovation and investment in our own personnel, patented equipment, and shared resources of our Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Erie and Buffalo divisions, we have become the service and value leader in the Great Lakes region for industrial, commercial and residential foundation and concrete slab repair.

Our Process

A1 was founded in 1982 by Grover Miller on the idea of providing all property owners with a lower cost alternative to replacing concrete slabs when they settle. His experience in the industrial concrete industry lifting dams, highways, barges, and airline runways sparked the idea to create a leveling system that would fit on a smaller truck that could be used in residential areas with minimal headache, service or access interruption.

After hours spent working in his barn adding and changing parts until the system was perfected, Grover Miller perfected the patented equipment that sets A1 Concrete Leveling apart from any other company in the industry. Twenty-five years later, Grover’s vision has resulted in the largest concrete leveling company in the country.

Our exclusive patented mobile grout pumping system and our unique piering system for foundation repair has made us the nations largest concrete leveler: we have successfully leveled over a million concrete slabs so far, and have been rated the #1 franchise in the concrete Industry by Entrepreneur Magazine.

A1 Concrete Leveling