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How Strong is A-1 Concrete Leveling???

A-1 Concrete Leveling Western New York Division is “Helping to Raise Buffalo to Higher Ground” by raising concrete that has settled over the years back to original position. When A-1 Concrete Leveling raises people’s sidewalk slabs they often ask; can you raise larger concrete slabs than a sidewalk slab. My answer… “magic knows no limit… so yes we can raise it.” Often they are referring to driveway slabs which by our standards are not large; perhaps normal but not large. Can we raise larger concrete slabs? Yes!!! Take a moment and click on the video link to watch our “Before and After” pictures of driveway projects and you’ll know the answer yourself.

Interior Concrete Slab Leveling

In a single day we were able to make corrections to dozens of interior concrete slabs with little disruption of the daily flow of business.
Application: Industrial

Typical concrete sidewalk repair

This problem only gets worse each season as the lower concrete slab collects & traps water in the gap between & underneath the two slabs.
Locations: Erie, PA, Pittsburgh & Western PA

East Liberty Apartments

A1 Concrete Leveling: State of Pennsylvania municipal apartment complex concrete sidewalk repairs in Pittsburgh, PA.
Application: Commercial
Location: Pittsburgh & Western PA