Commercial Applications

A1 Concrete Leveling provides a variety of services for Commercial applications.

Our Concrete Leveling techniques repair existing materials. This is more environmentally friendly and has significant cost savings over replacement—particularly when working with a premium concrete such as stamped concrete or radiant-heat concrete. Our versatile concrete leveling process is a time-proven approach that works well for commercial applications including driveways, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, stairways, ramps, slabs and other areas common to commercial spaces.

Our solutions for Foundation Walls in commercial applications are efficient, cost-effective, and engineer-approved. Structural problems that result in bowing, leaking, and cracked foundation walls are often able to be repaired and resolved using our steel reinforcement process. After the exterior wall is excavated down to the footing and the wall is moved back into place hydraulically, we use #3 rebar inserted at regular intervals and pump the voids with cement using our patented pumping system. This creates a strong, maintenance-free and visually seamless wall with up to 10 times its original strength.

Sinking Foundations occur over time and can cause serious structural problems. A1 Concrete Leveling offers the QuadPower™ Piering System which provides four times the surface area at the base of each pier, producing a load bearing capacity that is superior to competitive methods. Our component parts are manufactured using heavy gauge structural steel, and our QuadPower™ system has been engineered and tested to provide a cost effective and permanent solution in more varied soils and more challenging conditions than any competitive system. We offer a transferable Life of Structure Warranty for our QuadPower™ Piering System.

Please contact us today to learn how A1 Concrete Leveling can work in commercial applications to offer time-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-responsible concrete leveling and foundation repair solutions. We service Pittsburgh, Youngstown, BuffaloErie and surrounding locations.