Residential Applications

A1 Concrete Leveling provides a variety of services for Residential applications.

Our Concrete Leveling services provide cost-saving solutions for driveways, sidewalks, patios, steps, porches, garage slabs, front stoops, and many other areas where uneven concrete may be causing a tripping hazard or other more long-term structural problems. Concrete Leveling in residential applications is a sometimes-overlooked alternative to concrete replacement and can add years to the life of your existing concrete.

A1 also provides solutions for Foundation Walls including bowing, cracked, and leaking basement walls. Our time-efficient process involves reinforcing the existing wall with rebar and filled cement after is is hydraulically moved back into place. After the wall is cured, the foundation wall is upgraded to up to 10 times its original strength.

Sinking Foundations can cause structural problems that can be costly problems in residential applications. Our QuadPower Piering System has been engineered to provide a cost effective and permanent solution to problems like a sinking foundation footing, unstable ground, cracked foundation walls, leaking chimneys, and shifting bricks.

These solutions and the materials we use to implement them are an environmentally responsible way to address foundation repair and concrete problems around and within the structure of your home. In addition, concrete raising/stabilizing offers 833% time saving and 1217% cost saving over replacement. These savings get passed on to you and make A1 Concrete Leveling a great choice for residential concrete leveling and foundation repair.

A1 Concrete Leveling offers free estimates. If you would like to have someone from our team assess your concrete or foundation problem to determine if our solutions might be a good fit, request a free estimate today. Or give us a call by contacting us at our Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Buffalo or Erie locations.

Below you will find a gallery of before and after photos that will give you a sense of the long-lasting, dramatic different that concrete leveling and foundation repair can make to your existing structures.