Industrial Applications

A1 Concrete Leveling provides a variety of services for industrial applications.

Concrete Leveling is especially effective in industrial buildings housing large open runways (made of many slabs) that need to be clear and smooth for forklifts, carts and other valuable equipment on wheels. Lifting concrete is also cost-effective approach for worker safety concerns. This process can be used to create safe walking environments and typically saves 50% or more versus concrete replacement in industrial facilities while protecting against future damage. This process is time efficient with same-day use after the concrete is raised.

Foundation Walls in industrial facilities may benefit from our approach to structural reinforcement. A1 Concrete Leveling’s foundation repair is more comprehensive than other methods of repair. After bracing the wall to prevent further damage, the exterior wall is excavated down to the footing. This relieves the pressure, allowing us to straighten the wall & correct the area of impact. The wall is hydraulically moved back into place. We use #3 rebar inserted into every other cell of the wall to reinforce and tie the wall together. After the rebar has been inserted, the wall is pumped full of cement. The result is a straight, solid wall with steel encased in concrete. The braces are left in place for 4-7 days while the wall cures. This results in a visually seamless, maintenance-free repair yielding up to 10 times its original strength.

Sinking Foundations occur over time and can cause serious structural problems. A1 Concrete Leveling offers the QuadPower™ Piering System which provides four times the surface area at the base of each pier, producing a load bearing capacity that is superior to competitive methods. Our component parts are manufactured using heavy gauge structural steel, and our QuadPower™ system has been engineered and tested to provide a cost effective and permanent solution in more varied soils and more challenging conditions than any competitive system. We offer a transferable Life of Structure Warranty for our QuadPower™ Piering System.

We service Pittsburgh, Youngstown, BuffaloErie and surrounding locations.