Concrete Garage Slabs

Concrete garage slabs are often overlooked as a significant investment- until you have to replace one. Insuring a firm foundation can prevent sinking, cracking, and eventual replacement, as well as unsightly areas and safety issues.






What is the Process

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Concrete Leveling

Over time water seepage, faulty drainage, poor compaction, and the freeze-thaw cycle result in settling which affects your concrete’s base, resulting in a void.

Concrete leveling works by filling the void. After drilling a series of 1″ holes, a high-density limestone grout is pressure-injected to fill the void. Once the void is filled, the slab is stabilized and slowly raised to desired height. The holes are then capped and the concrete is ready for immediate use.

As a cost and time-effecient alternative to concrete replacement, concrete leveling eliminates unnecessary concrete production and installation. We replace earth with more stable earth, repairing concrete surfaces in an environmentally responsible way.

Other Solutions

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