Techniques for Long-Lasting Results

Drainage . Caulking . Cleaning . Sealing
Many see concrete as “maintenance free”. While this isn’t really true, concrete can be very low maintenance compared to other options if properly maintained. A1 Concrete Leveling uses finishing techniques including cleaning, sealing and caulking services that can add decades to the life of your concrete.


Understanding drainage issues and how they relate to protecting and preserving foundations can only be achieved with years of experience. We provide solutions and experienced consultation for protecting and maintaining the stability of everything (in and around your home) that requires a solid foundation.


Attention to this detail can turn old concrete into a cosmetically tight and clean looking asset.  It will improve longevity and can draw the eye away from other cosmetic imperfections.


Dirty concrete not only negatively affects the surface look but those environmental contaminates can work their way deep into the concrete weakening the structural integrity. Having the concrete properly cleaned will reveal the beauty of the aggregate & provide a longer life.


Concrete is porous and like the human skin needs to be protected from the elements. We can customize a sealing application that will ensure a structurally sound and clean surface that will maintain the current beauty of the concrete for many years.

  • Experienced Consultation
  • Attention to Detail
  • Longer life of structure
  • Thoroughly cleaned surface

Other Processes

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