Foundation Walls

Strengthen Your Foundation Walls

Strengthen your foundation walls.

A1’s foundation repair is more comprehensive than other methods of repair, focusing on resolving the problem rather than fixing a symptom.

Our process involves the following steps:

1. The wall is braced on the inside to prevent any further damage.

2. The exterior wall is excavated down to the footing. This relieves the pressure, allowing us to straighten the wall and correct the area of impact.

3. The wall is hydraulically moved back into place.

4. After the wall is straightened, holes are drilled into each cell of the wall and #3 rebar is inserted into every other cell of the wall. This reinforces and ties the wall together. After the rebar has been inserted, the wall is pumped full of cement. The result is a straight, solid wall with steel encased in concrete.

5. The braces are left in place for 4-7 days while the wall cures.

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Read More About Our GOOD / BETTER / BEST Options Below
  • Visually Seamless

  • Maintenance-Free

  • 10 Times The Original Strength
  • Engineer Approved

  • Patented Pumping System

  • Transferable Life-of-Structure Warranty

BEST – 10x Full Restoration


  • No evidence of repair. Finish your gameroom with confidence.
  • Provides a permanent solution that stays dry.
  • Wall will be made 10 X stronger than when originally built.
  • Exterior excavation is required.
  • Wall is hydraulically straightened from inside back to original position.
  • Rebar is added to every other cell/column to provide additional strength.
  • Wall is pumped solid with cement.
  • Back filled with washed gravel.
  • Entire wall horizontally strengthened to maintain rigidity.
  • Lifetime of structure warranty/guarantee.

BETTER – Freeze in Place


  • No exterior excavation is required.
  • Interior holes are drilled.
  • Rebar is added to every other cell/column to provide additional strength.
  • Wall is pumped solid with concrete to withstand further bowing/cracking.
  • Interior drill holes are patched and can be painted to finish basement.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. *Dependent upon drainage issues that may need to be addressed.
  • Can only be done if the bowing in the wall is under 1/2”

GOOD – Carbon Fiber Straps…or…Wall Anchors

Carbon Fiber Straps

PROS – Carbon Fiber Straps

  • Floor to ceiling strengthening.
  • No drilling or exterior excavation.
  • No yearly maintenance.
  • Cosmetically appealing.
  • Can be painted over to finish basement.
  • Carbon Fiber Straps will never fail or come loose.
  • Lifetime material warranty.
Wall Anchors

PROS – Wall Anchors:

  • Area specific strengthening.
  • Minimal interior drilling and excavation required.
  • Periodic retightening of anchor plate bolts.
  • 50 year material warranty.
  • Most cost effective option available.

Other Processes

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