Concrete Driveway Restoration & Preservation

Concrete driveway slabs can present a variety of problems over time with soil settling. One of our highest value services at A1 Concrete Leveling is the correction of tilted slabs before they crack, extending existing driveway life for many years without replacement.

In the further interests of saving you money and hassles years down the road, we also offer a three-step process for ensuring the longest possible lifetime of your freshly levelled concrete driveway: wash, seal & caulk.

Check out the seams in this driveway after the slabs were levelled:

Cracked concrete driveway

Danger: drainage and expansion problems ahead! Just because we levelled your driveway today doesn’t mean it will stay that way if rain and runoff can get underneath separate slabs,freeze, thaw and repeat. Here’s our finished work:

Concrete driveway repair

The same concerns extend to the foundation of your home in this example, so give some thought to the concrete walkways around your home or business in this regard, as well as the driveways. A day of prevention is worth weeks of planning, permitting and rebuilding!

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March 8, 2012