Concrete Leveling is Subtle

Subtle┬ámay not be a word you associate with Concrete Leveling, but what else would you call a trip hazard less than an 1/8″ high? The state of Pennsylvania uses the “two quarters” rule for determining trip hazard correction on the properties it manages, like the Penley Place housing complex in Pittsburgh where we worked earlier in the month.

Here you can see our foreman Mitch demonstrating the smallest of the corrections we made to over 100 concrete sidewalk slabs in two days; any height difference between slabs greater than this is defined as an unacceptable safety hazard in state code. Fortunately there are some more dramatic corrections on this job we’ll share in upcoming posts.

This┬ájob illustrates many benefits of A1 Concrete Leveling’s unique patented equipment and approach to some of the most subtle concrete repair situations a property manager might encounter.

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April 19, 2011