Radiant-Heat Concrete Repair

A1 Concrete Leveling utilizes our versatile concrete leveling process to repair radiant-heat concrete at a commercial complex for cost-effective and environmentally-friendly results.

Concrete Leveling repairs existing materials. This is more environmentally friendly and has significant cost savingsĀ over replacement–particularly true when working with a premium concrete such as stamped concrete or radiant-heat concrete.


A1 Concrete Leveling recently raised a sidewalk at an industrial complex in Moon Township that was equipped with radiant heat. The versatility of our leveling process allowed us to drill into the side of the curb and raise the concrete, radiant tubing and all.


The savings were measured not only in dollars and cents, but also minutes and hours. A1 was able to complete the entire repair in a matter of hours, a key savings over the business-interuption of replacement.