Drainage Problems

Drainage problems generally occur when slabs settle and tilt, directing water to undesired areas. Stagnant pools, winter ice patches, accelerated settling and other structural & safety issues can be quickly & cheaply corrected through concrete leveling.

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage, cracks, or uneven surfaces across a section of your sidewalk, driveway, foundation, or more, it may be time for help. At A1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation, our professional and highly trained concrete contractors come equipped with the tools and knowledge to transform your concrete following any drainage issues.

For more information about the foam concrete lifting process, we utilize to repair and raise your current concrete surfaces, we encourage you to contact our experienced team today for a free estimate! Since 1982, we have been able to perform a variety of sinking concrete lifting, leveling, and repair projects for our clients. As a local concrete company, we take pride in serving home and business owners alike throughout Pittsburgh, PA; Erie, PA; Cranberry Township, PA; Washington, PA; Youngstown, OH; and the entire Great Lakes region.

What is the Process

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Other Solutions

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We have solutions for settling slabs, bowing foundation walls, and foundation leaks.

Concrete driveways are often overlooked as a major investment —until they need to be replaced.

Our cleaning, sealing and caulking services can add decades to the life of your concrete.

Over time, concrete porches can begin to shift and sink. A1 Concrete Leveling is able to correct these issues with repair techniques that can add years to the life of your structure without costly replacement.

With A1, even multiple problem sidewalks in one location are typically a one day fix.

Our efficient and cost-effective services help protect your workers and your bottom line.

Drainage problems generally occur when slabs settle and tilt, directing water to undesired areas.

Equipment, personnel, and efficiency all take a beating when driving over uneven concrete slabs.

Sinking Home Foundations occur over time and can cause serious structural problems. Cracks in your brick may indicate that the foundation of the home or structure is shifting causing stress on the mortar joints.

A1 can correct interior slabs, even with carpet, tile, wood floors or in fully finished basements.

Injuries from uneven concrete slabs can be a huge liability for business owners & property managers.